Spytrack NANO Tracker - Motocross / Car / Dirt Bike / Motorcycle / Tracking Device

REFERENCE:  9mx_110096

€ 65.60

Spytrack Nano Being able to locate someone instantly on the map may sound like something you would see in a spy movie but not only it’s easily accessible it’s also affordable. Spytrack Nano costs £59.99 and allows you to locate Motorcycles, Motocross DIrt Bikes, Quads, in real-time, anywhere in the world using nothing but an app on your smartphone and the Spytrack Nano. Keep an eye on your bike or anything need to locate, using the SpyTrack Nano Personal GPS Tracker from Rewire Security. SpyTrack Nano is one of the smallest GPS tracking devices for locating Motocross Bike, kids, assets, distribution personnel and Alzheimer’s patients, weighing only 68 grams. Spytrack offers up to 10 days of standby time and comes ready to use – out of the box and does not require a tech background. Ongoing costs: Spytrack Nano and Plus requires Spytrack Service, which includes software and cellular data subscriptions and costs £10 per month or £85 annually. Smartphone View and track the real-time location of SpyTrack Nano using an IOS or Android smartphone when you’re outside. Tablet The mobile application is free of charge for SpyTrack users and its compatible with IOS & Android tablets. PC & Mac SpyTrack website can be accessed on a PC using any web browser, there is no need for installing any software. Spytrack Mobile App Easy to Use & Navigate Free of Charge The mobile application is included free of charge with SpyTrack service. Once you login to the app, all of the features can be accessed via the left menu. Previous Route History For up to 3 months View the previous routes taken by people, 6 different map views make it easier to assess where the Spytrack has been. IOS & Android Compatible Smartphone and Tablets SpyTrack mobile app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android-based smartphone and tablets for mobile tracking & locating. Push Notifications Instant Alerts SpyTrack Nano can be set to notify you whenever a predefined event occurs, you can opt. in to get notified by an SMS, Smartphone Notification or an Email. 3-STEP ACTIVATION VIA APP Simple Activation SpyTrack Nano does not require you to have access to a PC, everything can be done using a smartphone or a tablet. Once you have the Spytrack APP installed on your mobile device, you will be able to complete the activation process using the barcode reader and you will be able to start real-time tracking the Spytrack Nano & Plus in 30 seconds. Spytrack Nano & Plus features a lot of useful functions and all of this functionality is brought to you by a simple interface and easy to use mobile app for your smartphone. MAGNETIC CASE FOR TRACKING CARS Optional Accessories SpyTrack Nano is ideal for tracking vehicles with the use of optional accessories; magnetic case, hard-wiring cable, and USB car lighter charger. The magnetic case can be attached to a flat metal surface on any vehicle, and the magnets are strong enough to withstand harsh weather and road conditions. Spytrack Nano can be set to report it’s location up to every 15-30 seconds, which makes it an ideal solution for tracking vehicles and assets. Spytrack can be hard-wired to a vehicle using the hard-wire kit, or alternatively, it can be recharged using the car lighter port in any vehicle. * View the location and paths taken by your Dirt Bike, Quad, kids, people or assets, 24/7. * When pressed it will send an S.O.S. alert to a preset phone number. * Make better decisions by analysing the detailed usage reports. * SpyTrack Nano can be used internationally in 150 countries. * Built-in 1300 mAh rechargeable battery, up to 10 days standby. * SpyTrack Nano can be set to alert you whenever it moves.