Gibson MX 5.1 Rear Motocross Tyre - Sand Soft Paddle 3.00-10

REFERENCE:  9mx_110785

€ 48.06

GIBSON® MX 5.1 - the sand specialist. This rear motocross tyre was specially developed for use on soft sandy soils. The special “sand shovels” in the middle of the profile are complemented by classic cleat blocks that are offset to the side. The result of this tread pattern: maximum grip, excellent propulsion and high directional stability even in sloping positions. Properties that are particularly important when accelerating out of curves, when loose sand lies on a harder surface. The rubber compound used makes the special sand tire GIBSON® TYRE MX 5.1 ultra-light, very flexible and, in addition to optimal performance, ensures long durability. Competition tyres - for the motocross professional and ambitious sports driver perfect "shovel design" of the cleats specially developed for sandy stretches The middle and shoulder lugs are located in a radius, similar to a wide shovel Grips extremely well in deep sand, guarantees absolute propulsion and fastest self-cleaning wider outer cleats provide maximum stability when sloping and do not buckle with 18 “size can also be used in Enduro training ultra-light construction and soft carcass construction guarantee high elasticity