ACERBIS MOTOCROSS X-SEAT, BLACK - HUSKY FC 250-450 TC 125 16/18 TE 125-300 FE 250-501 17/18 SOFT COMPOUND

REFERENCE:  9mx_110124

€ 174.28 € 132.21

For over four decades, Acerbis has created world-class products to meet the needs of the off-road Dirt bike market, and the X-Seat certainly lives up to the brand's distinguished reputation. Acerbis Motocross X-Seat Soft makes riding even more comfortable than ever! The saddle is built with different types of foam that expand and flex, for the damping to be optimized. It has a pattern cover which is designed to give you optimum grip when braking, cornering or hard accelerating. The seat features actually give you the best possible grip with the best possible comfort. Feature: - Waterproof with exceptional durability. - Can be washed with a pressure washer. - The saddle is designed for specific bike models, which means no adjustments are needed.