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Effects on the industry since COVID 19 and BREXIT?

Effects on the industry since COVID 19 and BREXIT?

OMG yes yes yes. This year of all industries and business across the globe having to close or reduce staffing etc to comply with distancing and lockdown rules, has meant that supply chains have slowed, reduced or in some cases stopped.

Some things are taking longer to appear in stock, once the stocks have ran out, as manufacturing just can not be the same and to the same scale with the restrictions in place.

BREXIT has brought an added delay to this and shipping has been held up in customs at times, due to extra paperwork and checks . It will level out and we all have to deal with it for now. We are managing ok, and there is nearly always an alternative if we need something immediately that has suffered some delays.

On the plus side... SHOP LOCAL guys and you will not have the problems faced by UK purchases when your parcel arrives in Ireland. Customs charges will be added on items coming to you form the UK, and can make things more expensive or again suffer delays.

Pissed of with the Pandemic?

Pissed of with the Pandemic?

Yeh, we are too. No Racing, No Track Days, NO catching up with friends in the fields or at school !!! But hey, we did have a glimpse of these things. We had some school time lately for the kids and their friends. And this is far more important than any past time, when you weigh it all up .

We saw a couple of races in the North for the Grass Track events, and to be fair, a good few practice days at various tracks, including our favourite The Mid Ulster MX Track. We did avail of a few Sundays out up in Pomeroy, and I tell ya it was great. Having the Kids track there too, meant it is an all rounder and a no brainer for us. All this along with great weather, really made the past few months bearable.

More importantly, this year has had a big impact of everyone's mental health in some shape or form. We matter, you matter and our kids matter, so we all need to be there for each other and talk to each other. Stay in touch, keep in touch and let the kids keep in touch with a face time call or a day at a track, were social distancing can be upheld and fun can be had too. We can keeping touch as well as sticking to the guidelines, and if we do this we will get through it all and come out the other end fighting.. So help each other and always think of those less fortunate.

Lockdown also gave us all more time to take care of our bikes, and give them some TLC and keep them in proper order. With a proper service, replacement of some older and slightly dodgy parts, that we had kept putting on the back burner. In turn we have seen a crazy delay in manufacturing and deliveries, leading to stock issues worldwide.

That being said, our favourite pandemic brand has had to be POLISPORT.. They have been able to provided us with new plastics, new handguards, new stands, new armour, and new graphic guards. Yes!! hands down our brand of the year..

Looking forward to 2021, there are some lovely new items of Rider Wear available from Answer Racing, LEATT , Acerbis and LS2. So Santa's list can be full of goodies.....

Stocking filler ideas are always handy too. We have plenty to choose from for you. From Castrol and Putoline Bike Care Products to Acerbis MX Bike Phone stands, Apico Front Fork Air Tool, Rain Gear, Bling Packs and much more...

Protect your Brain, New MIPS Helmets now in stock !!

We have recently decided to add the LS2 brand to our helmet collection. Apart from them being an extremely eye catching helmet, with some class looking designs, they are also at the forefront now with the use of MIPS protection.

MIPS is a brain protection system — engineered to add protection to helmets

The MIPS Brain Protection System (BPS) is found inside the helmet, generally between the comfort padding and the EPS (a high-quality foam used to reduce energy).

For certain impacts, the MIPS BPS can reduce harmful forces transmitted to the brain.

MIPS stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System.

Why do I need MIPS?

Injury statistics show that when you fall and hit your head, it’s most common to fall at an angle, compared to a linear fall.

Falling at an angle creates rotational motion and science has shown that our brains are very sensitive to rotational forces. In an angled impact, these forces may transfer to your brain, which can cause severe injuries. The MIPS BPS can reduce the rotational motion and reduce the risk of brain damage.

The MIPS BPS allows the head to move inside the helmet which can reduce the harmful rotational motion otherwise transferred to the brain.

When the rotational force is redirected, the risk of strain to the brain tissue is reduced. After conducting more than 31,000 tests, and moreover being validated and confirmed by third party testing, we know that the MIPS BPS adds protection at certain types of impacts.

Strain in the brain

Rotational motion from an angled impact can cause strain in the brain that can lead to tearing in the brain tissue. The illustration is based on data gathered using sensors inside the crash test dummy heads. The dummy head, wearing a helmet, was subjected to an angled impact in a test rig at the MIPS lab in Sweden.

The illustration shows the strain in the brain from an angled impact when the dummy head is wearing the same type of helmet – with and without the MIPS BPS.


So with all that said, we think it is safe to say that this safety system makes sense, especially in our chosen sport.

Make sure it Fits.

Proper helmet fit is vital to the performance of a helmet during an impact. For the helmet to perform properly, it must fit perfectly to stay securely on your head.

Measuring the head is only a starting point for the entire sizing procedure. Due to varying shapes, heads that are apparently the same size when measured by a tape may not necessarily fit the same size helmet. A cloth tape must be used to take your measurement. 

  • Use a cloth measuring tape only.
  • Have somebody else measure for better accuracy.
  • Measure all the way around the head as pictured.
  • Place the measuring tape about 1" above the eyebrows and just above the ears and at a point at the back of the head that results in the largest possible measurement.


Quiet & Difficult Times! Stay Safe and Stay Clever.

Use your head and your hands !!!

So we have a situation here and across the world, like we have never know before. We have been spoilt with , for the best part, easy lives really and also become very complacent with it. But now we have been hit hard with a fright and the reality of what can happen without control and some common sense.

We can get through this if we stick together, from a distance!! Racing cancelled, social life cancelled, but we can be social from a distance and keep in touch and keep sharing images and chat and race talk even. We can also use the time similar to a winter, by using our hands in that we can keep our bikes clean, fresh and make them more ready than ever before to dazzle and kick ass !!!

We have decided to refresh our KX250F 2009 Evo bike and have her ready for the next race, whenever that will be. With new plastics and Graphic's to start with.
You can refresh some of the older 2 strokes now too, using the Restyle kits from Polisport, giving them a 2020 4 stroke look. Pair them with a new BOLT Plastics Fastener kit and you are good to go.

Graphics kits are still not listed on our site to purchase there online, so please email with your bike model and year and we will email images back to you.

Just because we won't be seeing you at our race meetings for a catch up and for you all to get any parts or accessories you might need, don't forget you can have a browse on the site , buy anything you like or see there. If you don't see what you need or want you can drop us a Facebook Message or email us on and we will respond with prices and availability of anything you may need.

We miss you all already !!! But we will have so much more fun when we are back at it in our beautiful Irish fields..

Take a look at the Plastic Box Kits Available

Plastic / Bodywork Fastener Kits

These are a great addition to a new Box Kit and Graphic's Set

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A Busy Summer !

The Beach Race !

So we have always wanted to do a Beach Race, ever since watching them during our visits to the Isle of Man and Manx Grand Prix when racing there. We were always in awe of watching David Knight blow through the sand like it and the rest of the field did not exist.

We attended the Rockabill Off Road Clubs Balbriggan Beach Race on Sunday past and boy oh boy it lived up to all expectations, in every way!

Race Prep: We did it all and bike was mint. To top it off and give ourselves the best shot at this possible one off event for us, we purchased  a set of Dunlop MX12 Sand tyres.. Soo excited even looking at them on the bike. We also made sure we had the Air Filter covered by the Apico Second Skin Air Filter cover and had spares to hand along with our hand held tool kit and Polisport Foldable Bike Stand. We had to make it as easy as we could, as the Car Park was not within the holding area as we are used to and the bikes had to stay on the beach. 
The weather was perfect and the club ran a blinder. We had a DNF in the first race, after leading by a country mile when the race was red flagged and the bike wouldn't start again. Lesson 1, block any access for water going into the airbox, as beaches also have water as well as sand DOH!!
Not sure of our position in race 2, but again after a comfortable lead, Wayne had an off and the Dunlop MX12 took a shine to his back and BUM !! and hey there mine !! 
Race 3 was a cracker with a battle between Wayne and Mooney, with Wayne finishing 2nd and the day with a huge smile.
Straight home and power hose the bike was best thing to do and job is a good'n. You can ride the sand if you prep and then clean afterwards. THOROUGHLY....
We will be back to sand without a doubt.


Wow! What a great weekend we had in the Wicklow Mountains.... With the intention of attending the Rathdrum Clubs Grasstrack event on July 14th, we headed off to Wicklow on Friday and took in some sites and recreation time on the way..

Rockwood Caravan Park did not disappoint for a lovely night with the kids, in a a beautiful setting. Perfect to get geared up for a busy days racing Sunday.

We headed to Rathdrum Saturday, to attend the International Cartoon Festival on our way to the Grasstrack to camp overnight. The festival was a surprise for us, as we didn't know what to expect, but had the kids caricature's done for free!! A great addition to our new Race Camper wall.

When we got to the Track site the weather was just great to get parked up and set up ready for Sundays racing. Difficult enough in a field with no flat sections LOL.. Kids had a ball playing and meeting other kids and we had time to get the bike ready and shop set up.

Sundays racing was great criac. Good track up and down hill and through a couple of fields. The club ran a great event and kept it moving all day. Hot and fast!!!

Our wee man Gary Costello had his first off and a couple of great podium finishes, with our own Boss Wayne getting his second place too.

All in all a great weekend with a great race, that will certainly see us attending the other Rathdrum events.



We attended the Derryarkin Clubs Southern Masters Round on 7th July as a new event for us and a chance for the boss to try his hand at some Motocross, instead of the usual Grasstrack.

The ground was stony and not as hard as it looked initially.

Each session gave Wayne more confidence and knocked his lap times down, over and over again.

We actually learnt a lot about our suspension here, which helped with ability and future set ups too.

The club ran a great event and Wayne even enjoyed mucking in Saturday night with the digger levelling the track ready for the adults on Sunday.

June's Testing and racing!!
So June has nearly too guys!! Were is the time going ? It is definitely true what they say about time moving quicker the older you get.

We have had a couple of very trying race meetings this month, testing us and other riders with extreme and very mixed conditions.

The Rockabill Grasstrack meeting was a big surprise for everyone, with great grasstrack, but with a bog thrown in and steep hills and off camber turns. All the more fun eh !!! But what is gonna give you the grip that you need?
We have been questioning grip of our own Dirt Bikes and trying everything to get the optimum grip and confidence at the race meetings. It is bloody hard to find it.
You get advice and read articles and look at the manufacturers sites, and they all say different..... So.. Tyres there is the best place to start for grip.
We started out the Grasstrack racing last year with Dunlop tyres and found them to be pretty bloody good for the grasstrack conditions we were riding, which were intermediate to hard ground at the time. Since then we have tried, under recommendation and some curiosity, different tyres and suspension settings.

We attended the Milverton CLub Grasstrack meeting on Sunday past, again with mixed terrain,, so our new soft Michelin only worked well in parts of the track and then had no grip in the hard pack ground. GGRRRRRR!!!!

To be honest we haven't been totally happy since the original Dunlop MX3S. We have tried different compounds of the Dunlops and they were ok, but just not the same as the first MX3S that we had.
Then we have tried Metzeler and Michelin.
The grip just isn't there like we would like. But then, is it our conditions. The tracks we have rode have been so mixed can we ever be truly sorted????
We have played with pressures and our suspension settings have varied so much to try and find the sweet point, all the time using the testing to learn and be able to advise as best as we can as a business for you our valued customer.
What we have learnt so far is that your bike, if new or pretty new, has been developed over years of experience by the manufacturer and using the best riders, so they know what they are talking about and certainly the KTM SXF450 2019 was a damn good bike as standard.
Dont't try and fix something that isn't broke, if your happy with your bike and how it handles and performs, then regardless of what you may hear about what is best or what is class !!!! It may not be for you.
We are all different, we all have a different body with different riding styles and reactions, so how can one thing suit us all.
If you feel you want to try a product or a change for your Motocross Bike, then try it and learn from it, hopefully you will benefit. But you will always learn no matter what, even if it was to never have changed it. There are some great products out there and super tyres, find what suits you..

One thing we do know is that it pays to protect yourself and your bike. Muddy conditions are not too hard on the bike, but it takes a lot of cleaning and care, but these hard and rocky tracks can give a bike a beating that you can never remove!! You only have to take a look at your pitted Pro Carbon Fork Guards, and your Scuffed Polisport Frame Protectors to realise what beating they take. Your body armour can tell a thousand stories that your body couldn't if it wasn't there to take the pounding for you.

Some New Products for for you.

We have recently added the new products to the website:-

  • Putoline Nano and Ester Tech Off Road Oil.
  • Polisport 2 stroke Armadillo Exhaust Pipe Guards..
  • Leatt Velocity Goggles.

All superb products, take a look

Warning !!!!!!!!!!!

WARNING !!!! Don't make it easy !!!

More and more people and friends are posting about the left of their Motocross Bikes. They are being stolen from their homes and garages, easily...

So why are they so easy to steal? We have researched this for the past few weeks and asked professionals on all sides.

They take a bike because it is easy. It can lifted into a van or trailer and you do not need to be able to ride a bike to take it, or even to start it!!!!

As off road bikes are not registered and there for have no log books, they are very easy to pass on and sell with no trace.

SO ultimately what we are saying is make it harder !!!!!

If you leave your bikes in a shed or garage, make it as difficult as you can to get in.

If they do get in then now you need to ensure it is bloody hard for them to get your bike out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chain, Bolt or Lock down in anyway your bike to the floor, Beam, wall or anything solid and secure. Remember they will be looking for ease and speed, so make it difficult and time consuming for them.....

Please keep an eye out here for future posts and recommendations for your bike security as we are making it a priority for sourcing the best products.

Make a note of you bike frame and engine numbers too, just may need to know some day..

Wow what a cold start !!!!!!!!!!

So the new season has begun, and it has been fun and a learning curve in many ways too.

So we had serious rain and snow at the beginning of March and it fairly tested the two piece Dirt Bike Rain Wear from Apico. But it did the job and kept the Leatt Gear clean enough to not have to soak it in a bath of detergent for a week. Motocross Fun eh !! But who does clean up??? Errmm Well not the lads I am guessing.

Just look at it the conditions we had to endure !!!

But never the less we enjoyed it and ploughed on. with good results and good chance to test the bike in completely different conditions and using different Motocross tyres and tyre pressures. A good tyre pressure gauge and a handy pump is a no brainer in your kit box. tyre pressure gague

There have been a couple of other Milverton Club Grass Track Meetings too and they have been very dry and very very cold... The ground as always has been hard and full of stones, so needless to say, the bikes and competitors take a beating.

It is great to see such a turn out of young riders on their wee bikes flying around and having fun, although still very competitive and determined to make a show for us all.

You would think we would know better and have the bike kitted out and ready for a beating, just like we do our bodies. DOH! we didn't and the poor bike has endured a few scratches and such like. We now, of course, have the Polisport Swing Arm Protectors, Engine Casing Protectors fitted along with the Pro Carbon Exhaust Guard and Acerbis Fork Shoes. All of which are now doing a sterling job and showing the signs of what the bike would look like if they were not fitted. Even having the Hand Guards fitted makes such a difference to being able to ride without the distraction of your fingers and knuckles being pounded by stones.

What have we learnt?????

1.Prevention is better than cure. So look after the bike as you do yourself ! A £90 exhaust Guard is cheaper than a £300 exhaust...

2.Bring plenty of layers LOL if your watching and if your riding, layer up clever. Wear a good base layer to help your body temperature control.

3.Tyre choice is more important than you think and make sure your tyre pressures are correct.

4.Slowly slowly catch the Monkey.. Take your time setting up the bike, small changes with patience will achieve a better result without a panic and drastic change

We have met some new guys and customers and are stocking more every week and trying to meet all of your needs. We aim to please and are here to help.

If you are interested in protecting your Motocross Bike then you can see all of the Polisport Products here: polisport plastics

And for your base Layers try these.

Here's to a warmer month to come.

Final Round of the Championship

The weekend past saw us at the final round of the Milverton Off Road Club's Stubble Championship.

It was a lovely sunny day, but boy was it cold !!! And dry. The ground, as with all previous weeks, was hard as the road and gave us ongoing suspension problems.

The club ran a great meting as always , and with our three 3rd places, we ended up 3rd overall in our class for the championship, and look forward to the awards night in November.

Well done to all taking part and great to see so many young ones competing and giving it the best, making it a great family day out too.

We are continually updating the site for the addition of the 2019 products to be added and hope to get them on soon.